The bloody repression of the Iranian people continues with the silence of Europe

It has been almost a week since the government of a country of 80 million inhabitants decided to disconnect it from the world to silently commit their crimes. Although this restriction is gradually being lifted in some small provinces in the country, and for some companies in the capital of the country.

During this time, the people who had fled the country could not talk to their family, and many like us, could not hear from our friends. We only had isolated testimonies of people who could communicate with the outside world before this shutdown was total and absolute.

Those testimonies, and videos, were spine-chilling. Police shoot to kill people who were demonstrating with the sole purpose of killing someone and making an example. Testimonies that were repeated from north to south of the country. Leaders of the dictatorship who spoke openly of shooting those who were arrested in the demonstrations, or in hospitals. Unfortunately, the latter is not a bravado, it has happened too many times in recent years.

Meanwhile, in this supposedly civilized world in which I live, we continue with the same idiocy as always. What if Catalonia, what if Madrid, etc … Shame on me not having heard ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in any media. And above all, that nobody has done anything in this shameful Europe, which is supposed to be a protector of Human Rights.

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As I said before, today the internet access is being reopened in a very restricted way and every video that is sent by important people in exile, such as Masih Alinejad, is more spine-chilling than the previous ones. Gentlemen who make the decisions, their silence makes them complicit because organizations like Amnesty International have been warning for days about what was happening.

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